• Broke Gamer Package
  • Noob Gamer Package
  • Ultimate Gamer Package
Custom Built Computers

Here at HiTechGaming we specialize in custom built gaming computers, upgrading your current gaming rig, and even beefing up your standard household PC!

We are proudly located in Nashville. Right in the heart of middle Tennessee!

Feel free to browse through our current Specials and contact us with your custom build or upgrade requests and Like us on FaceBook!

The Broke Gamer Package is a bare bones basic gaming rig that is for us gamers who are... you guessed it BROKE!
The Noob Gamer Package is a basic gaming rig that is great for noobs who are looking to get in to gaming at a low cost!
The Ultimate Gamer Package is designed for the true gamer! You will be the ultimate fragger with this

About Our Products

Here at HiTechGaming all of our Gaming Computers and Packages are custom built. So that means if there is anything you see that you may be interested in you can customize it to fit your needs!
That also means that if there is something you want but dont see it just let us know we will get it for you! All PC's are assembled in Tennessee. Most PC's can be built and delivered in just 2 weeks. All Prices are subject to change and residents of TN who order products will have to pay sales tax.


Finally a place to actually CUSTOM order a computer not pick from a list of specific parts!

Joe Labeots

All orders custom built to fit the customers specific needs.. What a great idea!

Jeremy Pope

I'm a noob to gaming so I like that the packages were in terms I could easily understand!

Daniel O'Brien